10 February 2024

Dangerous Fools!

I was in the land of my birth, a beautiful kingdom somewhere in the lower east corner of Africa, formerly Swaziland, now known as Eswatini, for […]
20 January 2024

The Skies Above

I am part of a geriatric exercise group – Monday to Friday we manipulate our aging bodies into various poses and actions to ensure the joints […]
12 January 2024

Thoughts Woolly and Wild

Old habits die hard! Here I am at the end of a second week, with bits and pieces of writing, but none coherent enough for publishing. […]
29 December 2023

New Word, New Season

I learnt a new word today – Pete Greig’s writing in Lectio 365 speaks of ‘these strange, liminal days between Christmas and New Year’. I so […]
23 December 2023

It’s Christmas!

It is beginning to feel like Christmas. At last, we appear to have moved away from the fear and ugly of Covid 19 and are slowly […]
18 December 2023

Thwarting the Time Thief

I could write a dissertation on procrastination. Scrolling through Instagram or Facebook I come across experts proclaiming what time-wasting is and isn’t and wonder how people […]
16 December 2023

Colonialism or Conquest?

Please help me understand a lot of the rhetoric that is currently flying around the globe, the most popular being “From the river to the sea […]
27 November 2023

There is no ‘But …”

“Whoever is not for Me is against Me, who whoever does not gather with Me, scatters.” Luke 11 v 23 Again “… whoever denies Me before […]
9 September 2023

Ugly, as in Beautiful

This past week I have taken part in an internet freebie hosted by an artist I really like, Louise Fletcher, called Find Your Joy. It was […]
31 July 2023

King of the Night

I live in a small town in the eastern lowland, or Lowveld as it is called here, of South Africa. It is a pretty town that […]
24 July 2023

Smack! And Over you Go!

I like to play Solitaire. It is a mindless activity that allows my thoughts to wander at will and, truthfully, it is a great way to […]
15 May 2023

A Tale of Two Worlds

My favourite book of all time is A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. The first line for starters: It was the best of times, […]
21 April 2023

Red Sky at Night, Shepherd’s Delight

I love the end of the day, that time when I can slow down, draw breath, watch the sun head off to another day on the […]
5 April 2023

You Can’t Beat the Bush!

Last year was a full year, ending on a busy note which carried through to the start of this year – a time of change, of […]
22 March 2023

Memories, Old and New

It was a beautiful morning, summer sunshine on a lush green landscape, soft white clouds embracing the mountain tops – I felt a twinge of nostalgia […]
6 March 2023

Lemons on the Side of the Road

I have frequently been accused of having an overactive imagination. Not without reason I hasten to add. From the time of my first memories, I have […]
7 December 2022

Long Time Ago

Scrolling through Instagram this morning I came across a clip of The Little Drummer Boy being piped by men in kilts in Edinburgh. Instantly I was […]
8 November 2022

Up to Date and Ready to Go

For a long while, I hesitate to say how long, I have wanted to zhuzh up my website but was hamstrung by my total inability to […]
24 December 2021

One Starry Night

She couldn’t gauge his mood from the set of his shoulders. He hadn’t said much since it happened. The quiet seriousness of his demeanour when he […]
8 November 2021

From Dark to Light

When my immediate response to a trite question on Facebook, one I would normally ignore: if you were asked to bring something to a party that […]
18 October 2021

My God Wins!

Have you noticed how the world of commerce has stolen Sundays? What started as a slow erosion of the day set aside for Godly worship and […]
22 September 2021


A while back I joined a group called Globe Soup. The name alone intrigues, but it is a group that offers a forum for writers and […]