I Speak to Death


Autumn is

A slightly uneasy time

The days shrink

A hint of coolth

Freshens the air


I speak

To the beginnings


I am not sure

Of their source


I speak to the endings


They are but a dream

A reflection of my desire

For happy ever after


God was in the beginning

But He

Is Infinity, Creator of time

So Is His beginning

His end?


I struggle

Against discontent


Seeking something new

Or is it something better?


I speak to the end I am confident of

I speak to death

How I feared it all those years

Until I understood

The power invested in me

By Christ’s might act

Of broken sacrifice

allows me to talk to it

Not yet! My work is not done!

If I listen intently

I hear my Father in heaven

Whisper “It is so”

And I fancy

I see Him nodding

A twinkle in His eye

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