What else?

Interests: Horses. I no longer ride but am involved with the sport. Politics fascinate me, intrigue me and frequently disgust me. Nature is my go to chill place to recharge batteries and get over humanity.

My two great loves: Beach – Mozambique destination of choice. 2000kms of relatively unspoilt beaches, pristine dune forests, healing ambience, fishing, walking, swimming, snorkelling, diving – paradise.

Unspoilt miles of beach, glorious sunrises – Mozambique

Bush – Kruger National Park the great leveller and author of multitudes of wonders over the years. More recently Botswana. The thrill and terror of no fences, uniting in oneness with the wild, still a mouth drying wonder.

Elephants in the Kruger National Park

Love dawn and dusk. Many, many pictures of God’s masterpieces at the beginning and end of each day.


Gardening. Painting. Drawing. Talking (lots). Reading. Playing scrabble.

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