On Hearing of the Death of the One I Loved….

There is a sunset you will never see

A sunrise that announces a day in which you have no part

I will never hear your voice

A decision in which you gave me no choice

It still amazes me that you are gone

You left without a backward glance

Not prepared to give a second chance

Over the years,

The rounds of golf, the sets of tennis,

Your thrust and parry brought you joy

The more you annoyed the higher you were buoyed

The strokes that underscored were grist to your mill

But when it came to the battle that counted

Your final stroke was one that flouted

The final vestiges of dignity

In a marriage of such disparity

I am angry, I am sad,

But in truth also a little glad

Because you see, my love,

Albeit unwittingly I’m sure

You have set me free

To love once more

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