I was born in the tiny southern African Kingdom of Swaziland, when it was a British Protectorate. I still live here. I grew up in a carefree environment, largely oblivious to the insidious evil of colonialism that raged on either side of me, in South Africa and Mozambique.

My dream of being the world’s next Sarah Bernhardt was quickly  exchanged for a more realistic career in journalism. What a time the eighties were to be in the press in this part of the world – the anti-apartheid war was escalating, devastating civil war in Mozambique flooded the land with refugees, the Swazi ruler, King Sobhuza II died after reigning for sixty plus years leaving a vacuum that many wanted to fill.

I worked in all but one of the media houses, broadcasting, television and the printed press, finally owning and co-editing a magazine with a dear friend called “Swazi Life”.

It was a wonderful time, but dangerous. After a number of scares, and under threat from my husband, I gave it all up to take care of the family. Now they are all grown and away, and the world is my oyster – I can write what I like! And what I like is eclectic and varied, rather like my life, so my books will cover many topics from conservation to politics to crime and corruption.

I will also write of my Christian walk, my journey through the landmines of abuse and witchcraft and good and evil

My hope is that I do it all justice.


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. I remember the face and voice when Swazi TV started in the late 70s or late 80s I cant exactly recall. The essay about abuse is touching, sad but enlightening at the same time.


  2. Best of luck, Glenda! Serious writing is something I’ve also wanted to do for many years.. but reality has got in the way (teaching for several years and most recently, over three complicated and sometimes difficult years, our move to Italy).. so I will keep a very interested eye on your progress, and maybe be inspired by it too! 🙂


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