There is one

When I am alone

Drowning in sadness

The music of unrequited love

Throbbing through my mind

There is One whose arms fold gently around

When fear overwhelms

In owl calling night

There is One whose wings beat

Away the demons of fright

Allowing me to welcome the dawn

And give voice to the morn

When cruel words

Burn deep in my soul

There is One whose love

reaches out to make me whole

When I am confused

Unsure, seeking, which way, how, why

There is One whose word reaches

Out and gently teaches

When I collapse in despair

Shrieking panic into the silent air

There is One who Comforts

As, with repetitive assurance

He says

Trust, believe, I Am He,

I Am the great I Am

Walk in my ways

And all will be well with your soul

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