On the Move, Swazi Style!

IMG-20150526-WA0008What is it about moving that causes such anxiety?

For me, it is always the logistics: what can be packed ahead of time; how best to transport all items; what to do with the cat while moving?

These certainly were the questions that pre-occupied my thinking as I prepared to move for the umpteenth time in the last three years. I was also making the worst of moves – a small distance from where I was

Farm Movers - Highly recommended!
Farm Movers – Highly recommended!

living. One always thinks those will be the easiest, numerous trips in the car, clothes left on hangers, seemingly simple, but the opposite is true.

Professional movers are not in abundance in this part of the world, so I had to look for an adequate vehicle, “for hires” abound, but finding a few well-muscled labourers, and willing hands to go with the hired vehicle is another matter.

So imagine my relief and delight when I received a message from a friend to say their farm tractor, complete with able-bodied workers, would be available to move me on a certain day. It was twenty-four hours ahead of my planned move day, but it was help I badly needed.

Bang on 6.30 am, as the sky was streaked with dawn pastels, the tractor arrived at the gate and once we had negotiated its entrance through the electric gates, we were set to go. In short order, my possessions disappeared out of the door, and soon we were ready to transport the first load. As I reached the turn-off to my new abode, I met my soon-to-be neighbour on his way to work. He looked somewhat startled at seeing me first thing in the morning, and more so when I indicated the tractor making its careful way down the not-too-smooth farm road.

By the time we returned with the second load, good friends had unpacked boxes, made beds, and, before midday, pictures were hung and the house, quite incredibly, looked like a home. As the tractor left for the final time, I looked around me, and what should have been utter chaos, was simply organised mess.

The final blessing of the day, was good friend Maureen arriving with a tray of the most welcome bangers and mash!

Three weeks down the road, my house truly is a home and I happily welcome friends for a cuppa and a chat – and each time I do, I say a silent thanks to Pete, Jim, Carlie, Maureen, Small, Mandla, Alison and the rest of the crew who spared no effort on my behalf.

You are the essence of what I call ‘community’, that selfless coming together to help a member, and I thank God for each one of you!


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