The Summer Wind

The wind is soughing through the trees, birds twittering about their daily business.
The repetitive call of a dove could irritate, but is simply a part of the harmony. Now and again rough voices jar, the sound of hammer on plank introduces a different beat. Flies buzz annoyingly, determined to distract.
The breeze sings, brings information from round and about. Now it soothes, then it terrified as it tore angrily at everything in its way. Wind is my soul’s barometer, sighing in time to my emotions, sometimes fevered, sometimes calm, sometimes playful, then too, sombre and portentous.
God, how I hate flies! And there are many of them here. Buzzing, trickling, interfering, all the while dropping their nefarious poison, transferring germs from one surface to another. In between swatting them, I hear the birds and wonder at all they have to say. I wish I could name them, know them better!
In the background a lawn mower attests to summer’s growth and speaks of life. How strange – I’ve always thought I was averse to the sounds of man-made machinery.
I hear the whispers of God as He looks down on His creation –does He still feel that all is good? Why do we always seek to diminutize Him? Are our egos so fragile that we cannot bear the thought of a powerful Deity, impatient with our own impotence, always angry, snapping and snarking at those around us?
Unperturbed, the wind continues its journey, gently clearing spiderwebsIMG_1677 (800x600), and if we let it, soothing breathing, loving!

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