Welcome to 2015

Another new year is upon us – 2015 marks the midway point of the second decade of this 22nd millennium! After an eighteen-month sabbatical of sorts, it is time to reconstitute my blog. To be honest, I am not au fait with the rules of blogging, if there is in fact such a thing, so hope you will simply come with me for the ride.
I was once described as having a “grasshopper” mind, jumping from one task to another, from one hobby to the next, and yes, even one job to another. I like challenges, and once I have mastered whatever it is I have set my mind to do, the zeal diminishes and I look for the next one. I have often though that was the reason journalism suited me so well: at the end of each day, or week, or month, you sweep your desk clear and go off in search of the next tale.
So, I am not promising a predictable format or content to my blogging. It will be more of a meander of thoughts and observations that tickle my grey matter, and I hope yours.

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